Art Test Bust

In-Game Mockup

Polygon Count:
7220 Triangles
1060 Triangles
3975 Triangles
12255 Triangles

1 1024x1024 color, 1024x1024 glow, & 1024x1024 specular

1 1024x1024 color, 1024x1024 glow, & 1024x1024 specular

1 512x512 color w/ alpha, & 512x512 specular

Approximately 14.5 Hours

Type of Model:
Bust for A Player Avatar in an MMORPG
The makers of a popular MMORPG had me do this for an art test. The brief called for a character bust that would work in their game, with a total limit of 15000 triangles, 1024x1024 maps for the body & clothes, & a 512x512 for her hair. In their game, the player can edit the look of their character from the chest up, adjust it, & flatten it into an avatar image. As for the model, I don't like the hair. The idea was that implants & wires were weaved & bundled up with dreadlocks. I was told to use a tif or tga file so the alpha was part of the color map but it makes it all bright & goofy looking in the maya work view. If i did this one over again, I think I'd redesign his costume a bit & totally nix his hair altogether.
They liked this & I got the job. However, before I started, they changed the nature of their art department & it didn't work out.

Concept Art:

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